scan the bladder with Vitascan ®


needed to measure presence of urine in the bladder  ?

The Vitascan bladderscanner of Alarox easily does that for you.

Vitascan LT bladderscanner to measure the bladder safely

Vitascan LT measures bladder volume under control of an ultrasound image

With this  bladderscanner you

    • measure bladder contents quickly in a non invasive way
    • prevent the insertion of catheters unnecessarily and you actively reduce ca-uti or catheter related UTI, urinary tract infections.
    • can monitor the activation of the natural bladder emptying after  a supra pubic catheter or a urinary catheter was removed.
    • can make a safe bladderscan and you can measure with bladder ultrasound quickly the post void residu (PVR)
    • get direct input on the bladder contents , eg to treat incontinence with the elderly.
    • can quickly check bladder condition after unconsciousness in case of a poly-trauma in the emergency room.
    • can simply check the bladder with ultrasound before, during or after child birth.
    • reduce the chance of bladder infection by scanning the bladder for residual urine after urination and check whether is emptied completely.
    • can use ultrasound to safely measure the bladder with ultrasonic sound (sound you can’t hear but that generates echos that can be measured and visualized with the Vitacon bladderscanner)
    • Check whether  a restless patient’s agitation in a stroke unit is caused by a CVA or a bladder that is not empty.
    • can improve your bladder training of your overactive bladder. To measure is to know whether it is full or not.
    • can check reliably whether the patient can void his bladder before your discharge him from the hospital .

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